The Professional Garden Photographer’s Association and the Coronavirus Outbreak.


We don’t want to add to the deluge of messages we’re all currently receiving from suppliers, etc. but the committee and members of the PGPA would like to extend our thanks and support to every one of you doing your bit to get the world through this situation. We understand how hard your (& our members) businesses and livelihoods are affected by the need to reduce the spread of this insidious virus.

The Government is asking everyone not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary so PGPA members might not be able to get to your wonderful gardens to photograph them for the time being and we’re sure that for the main part you wouldn’t wish them to risk either their or your health by attempting to enter gardens unless it was safe to visit.

As an association devoted to supporting our professional garden photographers the PGPA is doing all we are able for our members and want to reassure them that we are implementing a number of options to try to help them through the lean and difficult times that are already with us.

Please stay safe and we will see you all on the other side of this. You can be sure that in the aftermath of this outbreak everyone will want to visit gardens and horticultural suppliers.

Stay Safe