Jacqui Hurst's Photography Workshops


Photography Courses in 2016 run by Jacqui Hurst


I have been running photography workshops for several years and I welcome both beginners and experienced photographers on my courses. Some of them are more suitable for beginners and some for more experienced photographers.


If you have any queries or would like to book some private tuition please do contact me at: info@jacquihurstphotography.com


Here is a list of course I shall be running throughout the year in several locations.


West Dean College - Garden Photography - Spring Vistas and Close-Ups 15 - 17 April.  We willspend time in West Dean’s gardens learning and practicing the art of producing high quality, well-composed images.  You will become aware of how different lighting conditions can influence your images, for example, light in the morning is very different to the shadows of the afternoon.  I will show you how to compose images in-camera to minimize the time spent on post-image manipulation.  




Milos, Greece - Photography Workshop on Milos, a Greek Island in the South Western Cyclades Saturday 23 - Friday 29 April   This is a six-day course designed to perfect your skills of composing images.  We will be exploring this beautiful Greek Island looking at landscapes, wildflowers, architecture and people.


West Dean Collage-Garden Photography - Taster Day on 11 June.  This is an opportunity to spend a day in the Gardens at West Dean learning how available light can influence your images as you capture well-composed pictures.   To find out more about this beginner course visit:









West Dean College Summer School - Ways of looking - finding the image through the lens 23 - 29 July Explore how to capture the essence of an event, place or person by looking, experimenting with different camera settings and making the most of available light.   We will spend a day at the races, visit Chichester and the coastal town, Little Hampton for some street photography, plus an opportunity to capture the early morning light over the estuary at Dell Quay. To find out more about this course visit:




FSC Flatford Mill Suffolk - Walking with Your Camera in Constable Country 30 August - 2 September If you enjoy walking and would like to develop an ‘eye’ for seeing and observing the potential for a good photograph, this is the course is for you.  Learn the basics of composing through projects set on walks through Constable Country. To find out more about this course visit:




FSC Flatford Mill, Suffolk - Capture the Atmosphere of Autumn on Camera 20 - 23 October This workshop is designed for those who wish to explore the bigger picture both at Beth Chatto’s Garden and the landscape of Dedham Vale.  To find out more about this course visit:




West Dean College - Table Top Photography Taster Day -15 October   This course is tailor made for artists, those who run small businesses or wish to sell goods online and need to take pictures of their work for a blog, gallery submissions, Pinterest or a website.  The day is devoted to still life photography, choosing suitable backgrounds and props, placing objects within the frame and learning how to use reflectors to make the most of the available light.





For further information about me please do have look at my website: www.jacquihurstphotography.com