Annette Lepple's New book, Mien Wabi Sabi Garten


PGPA member Annette Lepple's new book is now out. Published in German, the title, 'Mein Wabi Sabi Garten' translates as 'My Perfect Imperfect Garden.' Wabi Sabi is originally from Japan and is transferred to the garden for the first time in this book. The result is the perfect imperfect garden, where you can finally find what you've been looking for: satisfaction, mindfulness and serenity. The Wabi Sabi elements and materials suitable for your garden design such as water, wood and stone are presented in detail. Get to know typical Wabi Sabi plants for a natural, simple and aesthetic planting style: as stray vagabonds, sprouting plants form the magic of chance in the garden, shrubs and grasses are still attractive even in death and trees and shrubs shine in the changing seasons.