Annie Green Armitage awarded Arts Council Grant


Member Annie Green-Armytage has just been awarded an Arts Council grant for Developing Creative Practice with her proposal Blue Mind, Green Mind: research into photographic work to explore and promote connectedness and mental wellbeing. 

She explains: ‘I will be spending time researching ideas to develop my photographic practice in different ways to encourage people to access natural resources to improve mental wellbeing. This will include exploring ideas around the depiction of open space, both coastal and land-based, including, of course, gardens.  It will also explore different ways to communicate with diverse audiences in order to encourage as many people as possible to connect with the natural world. 

Another related strand which I will be investigating is the documenting of  how people use the natural world for wellbeing and leisure. This new project will pull together the different strands of my careers as photographer, writer and accredited psychotherapist.’